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The Great Easter Giveaway

DragonsingerLB, Mar 5, 13 4:25 PM.
After much talk its finally here the big giveaway.

Over Easter week 2013 we will be giving away a number of gifts to our members and hopefully one person will win that chopper.

Its simple to win all you have to do is watch the calender and see what events or games are being planned, sign up for them AND turn up. This in turn will give you 1 point per event attended. 

Then on the final day we convert your points to prizes and you will recieve that many wrapped gifts from us, these may include anything from pets, mounts, trade goods or just plain old sacks of flour.

Whatever we do it will be fun and games all the way.

Skull & Peachy

Please note that TS3 will be required to participate in some of the events.


DragonsingerLB, Nov 12, 11 12:41 PM.


We at Le Family strive to be that "a Family"

We accept all ages, classes, levels, play styles and aim to enjoy the game and become a happy raiding guild.

At level 85 you are expected to be active within the guild.

We are here to help and should you be unfamiliar with your character please ask, everyone is happy to help you achieve.

(Rules regarding raids, Team Speak3 etc. are posted in the rules section of the member’s forum)

We are an all age guild so please respect this at all times.

We welcome main characters and you’re Alts.

Team Speak3 will be required for all raids, and social events.

Please use Team Speak3 to be social with other guild members at any time.

Use of bad language, racial or sexual discrimination will not be tolerated. We only give one warning.

Respect all other players at all times.

Should you not particaipate in the guild events then (with few exceptions and under special circumstances) you will be removed from the guild.

NO advertising your wares on the guild channel for profit.

No guild memer may make a profit of another guild member.

Please dont ask a guild member to do something if you don't have the mats at hand.

If it is illegal or frowned upon by blizzard, then the same rules apply to the guild

If you require something from the guild bank please ask Peachylady or the GM, consideration will be taken to your involvement in the guild and deposit in the guild bank.

Use the forums to post questions, queries or problems. This is a place for you to have your say.

Please refrain from posting junk on this website.

Further rules can be found on the Forum Rules page

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